Chethana was inspired most by her gurus and other popular dancers. She had a privilege of getting trained under the best gurus. Chethana had her basic lessons of Bharatanatyam from guru natya Visharade Smt.Sheela Sridhar in Kalakshetra Style, which is well known for its precise and perfect movements. Hence Chethana is blessed to have been trained up in best of adavus and angashudha. However She later had a privilege to learn Mysore Style of bharatanatyam from Vidushi Smt.Shakuntalamma (grand-daughter of Late Padmabushana Dr. Venkatalakshamma), during her graduation in Fine Arts College, Mysore. Later on She had the blessings of Lord Nataraja to obtain training in Tanjore Style under the great Guru Late Smt.Narmada, Bangalore .It is then that Chethana attained more and more knowledge and perfection in this art form. But her thirst for knowledge did not allow her to stop learning. She further went to Chennai in search of a guru where she got the advanced lessons from Smt.Savitri Jagannath Rao. Chethana shows her respect and Gratitude to all her teachers even today. ‘Guru Brahma gururvishnu gururdevo maheshwaraha’ ‘Guru sakshat param brahma tasmai sri Gurave Namaha’ Guru the teacher is considered to be the most respectable one in learning divine classical art of India. Hence the institution is named as “GURUDEV ACADEMY” of Fine Arts, Mandya has built up an enviable reputation in Karnataka under the guidance of guru Chethana Radhakrishna a dancer, choreographer and research scholar. ‘Gurudev’ an institution founded in 1995 in Mandya has grown in reputation with distinguished students. Not only Gurudev students learn to dance, but also learn to teach, sing, nattuvagam and theory under the care and personal attention of the Guru who herself is a postgraduate in both Bharatanatyam and Sanskrit and is now research Scholar.